Brews & Blends Story : Creating an ingenious product line in beverage brand.

Jan 11, 2020 by YI Staff #Startup Stories ,#Health & Fitness

Brews & Blends is a young age beverage brand which aims at creating an ingenious product line that caters to the needs of young India. The brand believes in delivering the best possible experience to its customers via its wide range of products.

We believe in creating a fine balance of wellness and indulgent range of beverages. The freshest possible ingredients are chosen from their natural habitat and processed in state of the art production facilities to ensure the best possible outcome. We crave in creating an everlasting gastronomic impression on the customers by ensuring they indulge in an experience that they Would cherish forever.

TEA’s – Brews & Blends host a wide variety of teas. Let the craving be an indulgent one or a healthy fix, we address them with our handcrafted range of Teas. The artistic blend of fruit and floral notes with fine leaf grade teas is no less than any aroma therapy.

Our wellness range of teas is a careful blend of nature’s goodness. Throughout this journey we have ensured that no artificial flavours have been used in crafting our teas, thus we proudly present the best that Mother Nature can offer.

At Brews & Blends we have arrived at a fine balance between traditional brewing techniques and modern day blends through our research and innovation. Let it be our traditional Kashmiri Khawa or our modern day quirky Hawaiian Sangria, each sip has a different story to tell and an everlasting taste to cherish.

“BnB DETOX TEA” is a herbal infusion made with Dandelion Root and Milk Thistle which ensures a healthy liver function. Ginger, star anise, and holy basil add to the process by eliminating toxins through a more efficient digestion. All the ingredients work in synergy to make one feel alive and more energized. A regular detox is considered core to a healthier way of life. Choose a cup of DETOX TEA before the first meal of the day and before dinner, for optimum benefits.


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