Let there be only 1 Trial: The Court Trial.

Jan 17, 2020 by Adarsh Agarwal #Social Issues ,#Culture & Society

Let there be only 1 Trial: The Court Trial.

Dissent Or Sedition?

This question surely has got an ambiguous answer in the midst of millions and billions of anonymous voices. Fundamentals say that if any issue whatsoever is it, has got anonymity involved and seeks clarification, then the door of LAW, which has got its own set of strict rules is that one and final stop which actually acts as an almighty and it’s quite obvious indeed.

But, the current scenario of the Great nation INDIA is suggesting otherwise. There is a great saying that, ‘Impatience leads to all sorts of unwanted panic’ and that is exactly what is being manifested right now by some sections of our society especially by the so-called INTELLECTUALS, referred to as quite educated, elite, and a sensible lot of people (at least in the dictionary).

The problem is quite evident when everyone tries to be a judge in itself, from that moment only the credibility of the ‘Rule of Law’ is under question!

Let’s take Journalism, for instance, meant for simply putting forward facts when talking about the correct way of journalism. But, is the same thing happening on TV? No, is the answer. There are numerous examples, where reporters are acting like judges, which is not a good sign for any individual, who deserves the chance to go before the court and have a fair trial at this honourable Institution, established for the sole purpose of finding the truth behind the matter.

So, Dissent Or Sedition? Let the court only decide.

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