Indian Education System: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Feb 6, 2020 by Isha singh #Social Issues ,#Education

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Indian education system:
It is our children’s future, not our previous generation pride, that deserves our main motive to focus on the education system that is going down day by day in our country. We should look at the system very carefully and to keep updated the students, parents, teachers and to all the people that are going.

You all know about a previous incident that took place in our country over the last year.

A violent mob attacked a bus of full of school students and teachers to protect the honor of the mythical queen. Riots are going on between different cast of people over a battle of which was fought over two and more hundred years ago. Young people, are killed for this purpose in the faith of religion and for giving their rights.

Is this justified to kill small kids just to protect you religion ?

If we killed these children than what you think who symbolize our society and their pride ?

Angry students are going on protest against these so called love country religions group. People are leaking the papers just for the sake of the money.

Is this justified the future of the country ?

No, none of these revelations are new. We have all known that our education system is totally corrupt and also now they are taking religious side in the education system.

Children are going school not for learning but for unusual tasks that they are doing.

Also, some of the schools differ the students on the basis of their caste.
This is not right for the youth of our country. After all this, yet there is no policy about it. Government just keep shut the riots but they don’t get any solution about it.

Is this why we are lacking our education system ?

Till recently, the software industry are boomed. Companies are not hiring even campus students because of the low rate of engineering colleges and their techniques. There is lack of unemployment in our country. This is the basic region why the youth of the country is still unemployed in this developing stage of our country. Colleges are more focused on theory not on a practical basis this is why students get unemployed.

Politicians do not win elections, or bureaucrats get promotions on an education basis. It takes many year for good education policies to come and to show the best results for our youth and to overcome the unemployment problem .

In today times, Parents are choose to exit the school system rather than pressuring the authorities about it. They choose to keep silent of anything goes wrong they choose to get away from it.

– Now is the time to cry out for an system for every child.

– It is our children future, not our generation pride and theory that gives first. — ONLY WE PEOPLE CAN DO JUSTICE AND BRING A CHANGE.


‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’.

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