ALERT: Increasing cost of education in India.

Jan 10, 2020 by Sindhuja G #Social Issues ,#Education

The increasing cost of education in India is one of the social issues which every one of us is facing yet we fail to agnize it. When we compare the amount invested in education a decade earlier with contemporary, we can witness that the fees these educational institutions are charging have reached its apogee.

Nowadays, many popular playschools are demanding limitless amount, literally emptying our pockets. A top play school in Bangalore charges nearly 50 – 60 thousand bucks per student which includes admission fee, School Tuition fees, Examination Fees, etc.

That doesn’t sound, right? Substantial money for a 2-3 old kid who barely pronounces words correctly. What about people who can’t afford such astronomical fees? These skyrocketing fees should be held responsible for widening the gap between rich and poor.

This predicament has not stopped at the school level, it is proliferating in engineering colleges, B schools as well. Most staggering thing is that renowned engineering institutes, charge 30 lacs for course, and the same amount is charged by a top B school only for 1-year executive MBA course.

If these institutions continue to increase the cost at this pace, eventually basic education itself will become beyond the reach of a common man, he will be left scourged by repaying educational loans. Unfortunately, our present media has never emphasized on such issues, as they are quite occupied with other paramount issues like politics, elections and bollywood.

Moreover, we never introspected on the amount being invested, is that amount justified? Have the students edified enough from these institutions? Are they upskilled enough to get high paying jobs or at least able to recover the amount that they have invested?

Every year thousands of graduates are passing out from every nook and cranny of the country, most of them lacking basic communication skills. No wonder why the unemployment rate has ensued the highest in the past decade.

This is the issue that needs to be addressed, discussed and debated about, to know the inadequacy of our present education system and what measures can be taken to make education inexpensive for a common man.

If not, we can haltingly witness the single child policy being shifted from China to our country. Quite sooner before govt thinks about its implementation, the soaring fee will surely force us to adopt this policy.

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