Lack of education equals to disturbing furute.

Jul 14, 2019 by Nehal Gupta #Education ,#Cause & Campaigns

Lack of education is the global problem that has affected the future development adversely. With the modernization of 21st century, use of technology and its effectiveness are limited to only the groups of urban society.

Where people of urban population are making good use of technologies available, people who don’t have access to it often feel left out. Why is it still happening across the globe? At one side, we promise and deliver big speeches to improve the economic and social disturbances while on the other side of the picture, we often feel trapped looking for a dire need of change to improve our own mindset.

This picture of huge gap in having access to a proper education needs a speedy solution. We need to stop looking for a solution, as it would lead nothing but only a disappointment. We must take steps to increase the awareness how important it is to educate yourself irrespective of background or gender.

The persistent cause behind withdrawing from the margins of learning has been inequalities in terms of gender or religion or it can be poverty. Lack of awareness among people who don’t even know the basic rights of an individual goes through the process of inadequate learning or writing skills. There still prevails a majority of areas across the globe who is in need of infrastructural development.

With the absence of proper roads, non availability of public transportation or no electricity in homes, children who should be aiming to move towards improving their lifestyles have to juggle through the situation as worse as the prevailing ones. Some of the population still has the poor mindset of not acknowledging the rewards of good education, thereby, being a victim of unemployment resulting in poverty.

How can we impact the lives of millions who has to suffer through this? What can be the most effective communication strategy that would voice the thought that crosses our mind each day? How can we minimize the news articles that includes ugly truth of our development?

All such questions has only one answer that has nothing to do with the society but us. Yes, we need to know both the affect education has imparted as well as the importance.

Some of the reasons why education is likely important to sustain are:

EMPLOYMENT:  No education means no learning and no learning means no eligibility to apply for jobs. Unemployment is the global tragedy that should be taken down to some extent if we want a proper healthy lifestyle. Good quality education will give an outlook of how the real world economy functions. One can only make a change by being surrounded to an environment that gives ample opportunities of making money and not being a victim of hard labor life.

IMPROVED LIFESTYLE: Having a knowledge of education, children can know the difference of right or wrong. Children who found themselves under the realms of poverty can focus more on having a healthy lifestyle encircling good use of nutritional diets. They can improve the health of their family and loved ones by knowing the utility of healthy food, thus avoiding the percentage of malnutrition.

INCREASED LIFE EXPECTANCY: Lack of education narrows the scope of healthy life and hygienic environment. People can’t take care of themselves because they are unaware about the issues of family planning and complex diseases. Education will train them about the benefits of exercising and having a good quality food to get away with the probability of high risk diseases.

EQUALITY: This is indeed a serious topic that can be discussed in detail about how important is the quality education for the children who suffers with inequality. Good education can be a successful attempt to make the major society aware about birth right of education. Each children whether the poor or rich, girl or a boy or of any religion has a right to education to step toward the future development.

The better picture comes into play when we least care about changing the society but bring a change in our own mindset. We can do our best by running a several campaigns across the globe by any means possible,  spreading a word of mouth and ask for a funding projects running so as to keep a track on the happenings around the world. The more lives we can help, the merrier our presence might count.

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