Education: Why Education in India is a Burning Issue?

Feb 18, 2020 by Subhashree Sen #Education ,#Cause & Campaigns

Why Education in India is a Burning Issue.

Honestly, as much as I’d like to say I love my nation, certain things make me go ballistic! Did you ever think why India has been lacking behind? We all want to see our country flourish in all fields but is that happening? Certainly not and why is that?

Lack of education! It wasn’t just out of the blue that India has been declared among the most illiterate countries. When the very base of a federation isn’t well built, how can you expect the land to progress?

Education should be made free & compulsory till a certain age for all individuals no matter what social background they come from. The future of the country is in the hands of the youth, but sadly it might be too late by the time people reach this realization.

The poverty stricken parts of the country are unable to provide for their children’s education reason being their low wage and high fees imposed by schools. Do you think if the masses were educated enough they would add to their family population knowing they can’t afford to raise another child? Of Course not.

Let’s face the truth, if the corruption and exploitation of the underprivileged does not stop, soon India will be facing its darkest days.

People must be educated at all costs so they are mature enough to make their choice between right and wrong and stand up for truth.

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