Education is not about learning anymore.

Jul 24, 2019 by Samidha Bhosale #Education ,#Campus Watch

There is a slight difference between learning and completing education and that difference is need for survival.

Our education system is killing the excitement which is among the young student for learning different things that actually interest them over the things they need to learn for completing the education and getting a job. Curiosity is on the verge of extinction as the children are being judged only on their performance in school and colleges.

They don’t need to have excitement about various things that move them because it doesn’t matter anymore.

They don’t need to enhance the skills which exist deep down within them because they don’t matter anymore. Parents and teachers of today’s age need to understand that academic performance of particular student does not shows his wholeness. Different students have different interests. Teachers should not force students to get good marks and parents should not criticize them when they can’t perform well.

Parents need to understand their child’s interest and capacity and help them develop that particular interest only. In this way the curiosity will still remain alive among them.

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