The must have checklist to create a content that readers love.

Nov 22, 2019 by Ursha Muttalib #Careers & Growth ,#Education

In simple words, content writing is information which is written on any particular topic and shared on websites. Different websites have different groups of content writers who write for the promotion of their sites. But, is there really any checklist to create a content that readers would love to read?

According to the psychological surveys made till date, there is a wide range of diversity seen in people’s ideologies and mentalities. So it is really not possible to satisfy every reader but, yes there are still certain things which are common in the mentality of a majority of the population.

Hence, considering this commonness there are certain points which can attract a major population of readers and make them love the content to a great extent.

Firstly, a strong drop line is one of the most important features of any content as it is the first impression of the content on the reader’s mind.

REALISTICISM: A great part of the population is attracted towards real ideologies and practical approach towards things instead of sugar coated lies or fairy tale concepts. It is preferable to make the contents as much real and practical instead of reeled as it will be helpful to establish a connection with the reader.

ORIGINALITY: Another interesting and important key to good content writing which should be prioritized by content readers is to maintain their distinctiveness. There are many website contents which are found to be facsimiles of other websites.

Readers usually want unique and innovative concepts rather than facsimiles of either websites. Ingenuity should be the prime concern of content writers. Content writers should be innovative and skilled in their creativity. In order to bring fame and promote their websites they should be innovative.

CONCISE: Today, we all are in hurry, so one of the features of contents which attract readers is its conciseness. Usually, we ignore the lengthy contents and prefer the concise ones. Hence, content writers must assure the conciseness of their contents and not make them long story-like.

INFORMATIVE: Along with conciseness content writers should make sure that they provide all the important points in their website contents and do not skip anything. They should make sure that they provide a satisfactory content which the readers are searching for on their websites.

LANGUAGE: Content writers should make their website contents simple and decent. They should be careful about the words they use. Standard English must be prioritized but complexity should be avoided as it can cause trouble to certain readers. Complexity in language also disrupts to leave a clear impact of the content on the reader.

POSITIVENESS: Website contents should be powerful, helpful and positive. Content writers must make sure that their content must make their readers positive and motivated. They should carefully provide information without leaving any negativity in the readers mind.

These were some of the basic points which should be kept in mind while writing any content to attract or impress readers. Besides these things content writers should be resourceful and well updated in order to provide trending contents. Experience should be utilized and classicism should be maintained.

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