Employment: About 94% of Engineers are not fit for their role and remains unemployed.

Aug 27, 2019 by Meghashree Das #Careers & Growth ,#News & Headlines

As the employment options are increasing day by day, the chances of the engineers being hired are also decreasing. Now you might think, what’s really wrong with India? Well, it is not their fault. Here lies the main answer to this never ending question.

A new delhi based organisation have shown that 94% of these engineers are not fit for their role and only 6% of them are eligible. As many and the others, most of the students nowadays wants their role as a leading software engineer or a code engineer.

The dismissal of the higher education which is provided in India has decoded that most of these engineers don’t have the adequate skill of what they are learning to. And this is the reason why they are not employed.

So what will happen when the large section and population of these youths does not get their desired job or remains unemployed? Experts have said that it might cause a lot of instability around their economy and will also cause a huge scale of dissatisfaction among them, thus changing or causing a huge implementation on their mental energy.

As the quality of these organisations are increasing in more, they are becoming more and more profit hungry. This means that they want employees who can bring them the revenue and help their lead to be static onto the market. Major issues are rising onto higher education and this is the reason why these people are not getting adequate knowledge and be skilled enough to be a part of the production part of the Indian economy.

What are the factors working behind their unemployment?

The new world is constantly developing new and innovative ideas and this is the reason that most of the engineers cannot cope up with the changes. These are the main and the leading causes behind their unemployment.

The organisations take a lot of time to train the new employees and as the state of the economy is changing every passing phase, it is becoming hard for the candidates to cope up with their new skill sets and be liable for the incoming.

And the main thing is the location factor. This means that most of the employees who are selected, they are not able to relocate to somewhere new.

And the last thing about these candidates is the inability to speak in English. They might know computer programming but their English speaking ability does not match up to the expectations of the employers. So here are the impending problems which are underlying the society right now.

As the leading development are increasing, it will be just a matter of fact that these unemployed youth starts their own kind of rebellion.

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