CONTENT GUIDE: The must have checklist to create a content that readers love.

Sep 29, 2019 by Divya Sharma #Careers & Growth ,#Education

The job of a content writer or a content creator demands a well structured strategy so as to deliver a good piece of content to the audiences they are targeting.

Prior to creating content or more specifically creating website content, one must have a clear idea about what they want to convey and to whom they want to convey. Targeting the right audiences with the right facts and points makes any content a good piece of work.

There must be a certain structured plan that any content creator would like to go through before writing anything. So here is a checklist that provides a solid picture to create an organized content that readers love to read:

Targeting the right audience

Identifying your target audience is the key factor for any content that has been created. If you don’t know to whom your content is affecting, you won’t be able to hit at the right spot. Readers love to read whatever they wish to and not what a creator wishes them to read.

So the primary job of a website content creator or any creator is to first identify to whom they wish to convey and where they can find them.

Clear Ideology

To write a valuable and a good to read content, the idea behind the subject should be very clear. The writer must have a clear idea regarding what he/she is writing, prior to actually writing the thing. A clear vision helps in developing a content well organized enough with true facts and figures. The creator must ensure that whatever he wants to convey has been clearly delivered to the readers.

The readers must be able to judge that whatever they had expected is there in the content. Difficulty in understanding of content leads to differences in the perspectives of the reading audience.

Error-free Content

The content one writes must be grammatically correct and error free, no one wants to read a piece of work full of spelling mistakes. The content should be properly indented containing headings and sub headings in the right manner. An error-free content ensures professional level of work which is more preferable and trustable to the readers.

Unbiased piece of work

The content created must be unbiased, not taking sides of any particular part of the society or community. Biased content creates differences in the audiences and they come out with different opinions which lead to division in the readers reading the content.

Interesting and Relatable

The content must be very interesting to read and should be catchy enough to capture the reader’s attention till the end. Most of the readers prefer reading a content that is relatable enough to their real lives and to what they see and experience on the daily basis.

The content can be made interesting by attaching pictures, fun facts, right facts and figures which not only beautifies the content but also attracts more readers.


No one wants to read a content that has been copied from any website or any other article. The content must be unique so as to provide readers with a valuable and informative write-up.


Last but not the least, a proper marketing and promotion of the content in the right manner, targeting the right audience, actually makes the content reach people and hence makes the content more valuable.

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