4 Steps to Manage Your To-Do Lists!

Jul 15, 2019 by Deepa Chandrasekaran #Careers & Growth ,#Education

Have you ever wondered why does your to-do list keep growing and if there is a way to manage it more efficiently?  

What overwhelms most of us is not the tasks on the list, but the lack of clarity and control on what all needs to be accomplished in various areas of our life and when!

Follow the below steps to bring some method to the chaos around this challenge –

1. Dump – On Paper (this is important, not on mobile or laptop), list down all that you think you need to get done in various aspects of your life. These could be things that you need to get done today, tomorrow, this month, 3 months down the line or this year. It is basically dumping everything in your head on this sheet of paper. Let it grow to any size, the idea is to clear your mind and create space for better things. Some examples of things in the list could be –

Premium payments
Car Servicing
Kids fees payment
Identifying a tax consultant to file returns
Watching a movie
Spending time with kids
Buying groceries
Filling appraisal
Reading a book and so on.

2. Compartmentalize – Now, compartmentalize your life into important areas and divide what you got in step 1 into these areas. Some areas could be –

Personal Growth
Office Work
Relationship Building
Wealth Creation and so on.

3. Prioritize – Now, Prioritize the list in each area and put dates by when you would want to act and strike this off the list. Use the principle of 4D’s “Do, Decide, Delegate, Delete” as needed when you are doing this. You might want to prioritize between areas of your life as well.

4. Take Action – Put this sheet of paper on a wall or at your desk or somewhere where you can see it. Make this a living document so you need to keep adding and deleting stuff from each area of your life.

Now that you know what needs to be done in which order, chances are that you will get to address it on time.

That’s it – Isn’t it simple. The best part is that now that you have everything on paper and organized – your mind has the space to do better things and think better thoughts!

All the best to you as you implement this and please do share your feedback on what happened when you used it to simplify your life!

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