For those of you entering college.

Feb 10, 2020 by Gouri Paroha #Campus Watch ,#Education

Every step you take now, every decision you make now, every call you take now, every vote you give now, every minute you invest in; Yes! The call is yours to make!! Welcome to the world, everybody will look at you with high degree of potential, it is time to invest on your self growth.

As students, this is the phase, we wait for years, and the phrase’ grass is always greener on the other side’ holds true. The wait is over! But the responsibility becomes bigger. This will be a time when most of you leave your homes for the first time. You shall learn more from experiences than from books.

As you head out of your school’s, you’ll now bear on your shoulders, the aspirations and ideals you’ve long sacked inside you, as a child. Make the most of it! Learn, leap and forget rule always works. Learning should never be put on hold; leap forward after every fall, stride higher; forget the bullying, name calling. It works!

Last but not the least, this is also the time when you have to be your own guard, save yourself from the chains of procrastination, drugs before they clench you harder.

May you fly higher with your wings stretched feather, make your loved ones more proud.

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