Photography : World through my lens – Pictures are poems without words.

Jan 14, 2020 by rishitha #Arts & Artists ,#My Story & My Opinion

The lens here does not indicate the one which we use as a substitute for spectacles, rather it is the lens of an camera.

For others it may be just a electrical gadget, but for me its a little treasure box that holds millions of memories and emotion. Anybody can become a professional photographer, when we put our soul into the device give a life to it and see the world through its lens, the view in front of it becomes 100 times beautiful. That’s how I take pictures. I love to see the world through the lenses of my camera it teaches us various things.

Something worthful which I learnt was the transparency between what is in front of me and myself, the originality which shows us what is right in front of us. Every picture I click indicates my mood. On seeing the calm beach waves during sunsets, those carefree and genuine smiles, the perfect candids all these makes me happy and calm.

There is art everywhere around and capturing those are my favorite. Each picture hides a story behind it, not every picture holds good memory, there may be sadness behind the smile behind the calm waves. Each picture screams its own importance through its angle, color and the mood of a photographer.

Once clicking pictures was my hobby now it has become my addiction, how one person can change your mood for worst to good, one good picture makes you smile so widely.

There is one picture which gives us all mixed emotion may be a bitter sweet moment and i myself have one such picture, it’s my 12th grade group photo. This picture makes my smile really very big whenever my mood is worst, although it makes me miss the old golden days. People change, the places change, years change, we grow up but the photograph always remains the same.

This is one of my favourite lines ‘pictures are poems without words’.

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