Cricket World Cup 2023: A Long Wait For Another Three Years.

Feb 13, 2020 by Shaheen Khan #Sports ,#Inspiration

In the beginning of this most awaited tournament, off-course I am talking about the WORLD CUP 2019, the Indian team was the favorites. It was one of the strongest contenders who could have lifted up the World Cup trophy. The boys really gave outstanding performances throughout the league matches.

We had ended up as the top team in the list. But one bad day, toughest 40-45 minutes of the semi final innings had changed everything. It was a shock to the Indian team as well as for the Indian fans all over the world to face the defeat when we were so close to the finals.

Now, fans are overwhelmed and many questions have come up in their minds that need an answer. Who should be made responsible for this? Why did the middle order could not perform well after the collapse of top order and so on.

In my opinion, it is very easy to condemn a player from outside but it’s very difficult to understand the plight of those who have worked so hard to face this momentous day. I, too believe, we could have played much better game yesterday. This is not what we had anticipated to be the end of our journey in this session of World Cup. It’s very disheartening to lose a match at this stage of tournament. But, this is the only reality that we need to accept as soon as we could.

We need to understand that no one wants to lose a match for his country. No one wants to give his worst performance on a very important day. But, fluke does not support us at times and we have to go through that toughest phase of life.

In-spite of blaming one or the other person, it is very important  to understand that it was not our day. We really need to work more hard to perform well in the future. We need to stand together as a family and support one another during this difficult phase too.

The players like Dhoni and Jadeja really tried extremely hard to get that win for us. They did not succumbed to the situations. It was a heroic knock from Jadeja and Dhoni supported him extremely well from the other end. The hopes of everyone supporting the Men in Blue shattered in a million pieces when Dhoni chipped for a double in the second last over of that match. The win was just a step ahead of us.

But, now as fans, we could just hope that the Indian team will play its best cricket in the coming years because hope is a feeling that helps us to go through hardships for a better future.

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the 13th edition of the men’s Cricket World Cup.

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