SELF LOVE: Body shaming and how to overcome it.

Sep 14, 2019 by Shivani Aggarwal #Mental Health

Unneccesary and rigorous judgements that are not even slightly required to be passed on, has become a fashion for many who like to follow a pattern of commenting in a baseless yet critical way for body shaming.

It is a pre-established thought of what ideal beauty stands for, failing the criteria of which it clears way for demoralising a person to an extent up-to which it steadily diminishes self love and confidence which isn’t an easy task to handle.

Arguments and debates are simply not enough to change the adversary’s mentality. It necessitates the victims to understand that the contempt coming from somebody else is insignificant and there isn’t a way out to please every single person at the cost of your own self.

One has to realize how important it is to inculcate good values. But if the critics aren’t able to do so, it certainly justifies the insecurities they have. One should always speak up for their own right regardless of whether their conveyance is put into action.

There isn’t a need to feel victimised but simply develop self love and being confident in one’s own body is definitely a must to smash up the pattern of body negativity.

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