Consider your room newly painted with your favorite Colors.

Aug 4, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #Mental Health ,#Inspiration

Yesterday I was driving back to my home from college. Speed was 45 kmph and I was hitting at every signal. I was watching the traffic lights. Sometimes it turns to red, sometimes green and sometimes yellow. I was driving down the Ashoka tree and a thought hit me immediately. Signals reminded me of old saying, “If you wait for all the lights to be green before you begin your journey, you will never start”.

I realized that maybe our thoughts are like colors, specially like traffic signals. It makes us work smoothly, stop when things are wrong and sometimes make things neutral. Let’s take a look-

Green thoughts-

These are the thoughts that empower you and makes your life positive. In signals green color represents “GO”, same as in our life. Green says us to keep moving. It tells us to say in comfort zone. You should be comfortable with everything in your life.

Red thoughts-

These are the thoughts that can stop us in our tracks. They can make us angry, impatient, terrified. It doesn’t let us gloom. Fear dominates. It can make life negative. It can act as a barrier to your success. There are times when you have red thoughts in your mind. Many people live in red thoughts and which makes them reaching them away from their own potentials.

Yellow thoughts-

These are neutral thoughts. Just sit and meditate, you will have neutral thoughts and will be away from both- red and green thoughts. This is the place to re-energize yourself or to move away from red or green thoughts. Yellow thoughts make us look from a higher plane. The more you spend time, the more you will reach the good thoughts. This is also called center chakra.

Color affects your life. Consider your room newly painted with your favorite color. Automatically, it will bring energy into you. It will change your mood.


There are many different colors. Each color gives you a different sensation. For example- green color are linked to creative thinking, so they are good option for studios and offices. You know even the color of Indian flag tells you different thoughts. That is how color impacts your life. There are cool colors, angry colors, happiness colors like yellow.

And therefore, it is said “color is power which directly influences the soul”.

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