Being alone is not a problem, feeling alone is. Sit down and analyze.

Aug 4, 2019 by Agrita Chhibber #Mental Health ,#My Story & My Opinion

Demand to live alone is snowballing. But what is the unseen reality that is driving this phenomenon? The first thing that hits is “to avoid stress”. Humans have always looked for the company of other human being but not anymore. A decade back people would get married early and settle down with their partners and only death would part them, remarriages were prevalent.

But, today scenario has flipped upside down. People around the globe are preferring to remain singletons

Today’s generation is more affected by a deadly non- medicated disease called “stress”. Stress is not related to one aspect of life. An unsure/ undecided metier is not the only fiery reason to trigger stress. In this age of mass media major populace is made to believe how incapable one is than other, and how well others doing in the respective field and are shooting for stars while others are just sitting and checking their updates.

In regular routine STRESS named monster is encountered, revamping in various shapes and forms and stealthily entering the private sphere to wound humans on first sight. Stress cannot be emigrated out of life very easily. “Humans since times unmemorable have achieved triumphed in locating a quick fix to their dilemmas and problems”.

Alfred Alder an Austrian medical doctor, founder of the school of individual psychology. His main concern is the importance of the feeling of inferiority – the inferiority complex. It is recognized as isolating oneself which plays a key role in the development of personality. This research proves that being alone or isolating oneself from society can be a sign of investment into himself. It enhances your personality and makes you love your own company, which is necessary for today’s scenario.

So, to get relieved from all the unwanted anxiety, today’s populace believes in cutting out all the relationship to free their mind. The majority of humans are living by this mantra, “it is better to walk out of a situation that affects their inner peace or the situation that doesn’t serve them any longer”, and it is repeated until nirvana in the terms of solo living is achieved.

Being alone doesn’t mean that it is being lonely too. Sometimes it is all about listening to the inner voice more clearly and work on what you actually want from life. It gives a sense of responsibility to make important life decisions and a better understanding of themselves is attained. Understanding one’s assets and liabilities, highlights and challenges, give a better understanding to humans about life purpose, goals and to seek the betterment in the right direction with knowledge of all aye and nay.

The other side of the story tells it is a fragmentation of society and steadily leading to isolation. As people are opting for solo lives they are getting more engaged in public activities and are socializing at a great stretch.

Being alone is not a problem, feeling alone is. Sit down and analyze are you really looking for growth or simply avoiding the situation. Choose Wisely!

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