Asking you not to cry and to get over it because that’s how life is.

Jul 28, 2019 by Vasundhara Mukherjee #Mental Health ,#Life & Goals

We’re not all blessed with a set of parents who understand mental health and don’t dismiss it as a trend of the youth. You might have parents, teachers, adults who are stubborn people who do not bother about your mental wellness. Asking you not to cry and to get over it because that’s how life is and the sooner you understand it, the better. It’s so important to have a friend/friends who support you in these times more than your own blood does. Mental health is no triviality.

It’s relevant and it’s urgent. Hold these friends close for they stand beside you when you feel your worst, can’t get up from bed and can’t eat or talk, you feel sick, have mood swings, binge eat, bawl, sleep, or just want to be left alone. Hold them tight.

It’s pertinent that we realise that crying is “normal”. Feeling upset and being in the doldrums is nothing unusual. Our human bodies can only take in a certain amount of emotions and when it tips over, we let it out. It’s healthy to do so rather than bottle and repress them up inside us. These can have several manifestations later in life which will harm us and our surroundings with the people in it.

Coming back to the question of parents and teachers becoming more conscious at handling mental health better, it’s time we understand that different socioeconomic situations and factors are at play which do not lend us a set of parents who recognise the importance of mental health. Friends who do become the source of strength and it is through them that we slowly but surely rebuild our self esteem.

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