BOOK: The Selfish Giant is a beautiful book written by Oscar Wilde.

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The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde – BUY NOW

The Selfish Giant is a beautiful book written by Oscar Wilde. The story resembles all about a ruthless and heartless Giant who had a transformation in his attitude after meeting a little boy.

The Giant lived in a big house which was surrounded by a lovely garden with soft green grass, over the grass were tiny flowers like stars, there were twelve peach trees that in the springtime broke into delicate blossoms of pink and pearl, and in the autumn bore rich fruit.

The beauty of the garden attracted many children to play in it and birds used to sit on the trees and sang so sweetly that the children used to stop their games in order to listen to them. The Giant had been to stay with his friend, Cornish Ogre for seven years and when he returned back, he was furious to see the children in his lovely garden.

He drove the children away, built a high wall around the garden and put up a notice board stating, ‘Trespassers will be Prosecuted.’

Soon, winter came and the garden was deserted, the birds didnt care to sing because there were no children. The only people who were pleased were Snow, Hail, Frost and North Wind who brought dullness in the beautiful garden, whereas the children were very disheartened after the Giant had driven them away.

They had no where to play in, they tried to play in the roads but it was very dusty and full of hard stones and missed the lovely garden. He was indeed a selfish person.

Days past and spring had returned, every single tree in the neighburhood was covered with beautiful pink and white blossoms and bore rich fruit but to the Giant’s garden, there was none. Spring said to herself that the Giant was too selfish and did not deserve such a season.

The Giant was frustrated because there was still winter in his garden and was jealous of other trees. One fine morning while he was dressing, he saw the most wonderful sight. He saw a little linnet singing on a tree branch in the most melidious voice.

The children had crept in from a tiny hole made from the wall. They were very happy to return to the garden,they all ran towards it and on every tree was a child and with them came spring. Birds started singing and all trees broke into beautiful blossoms at once and brought joyance back to the lovely garden.

The Giant came towards the children who ran away since they were afraid but at one corner of the garden, there was still winter.

A tiny boy was standing under a tree which was still covered in snow. He started to cry bitterly since he was not able to climb onto the tree. The Giant’s heart melted and felt guilty, he then reaslized that he had been very selfish so he gently took the boy in his arms and placed the little boy on the tree which once broke into beautiful blossoms and birds sat on it and started singing on it.

The boy was so happy that he flung his arms around the Giant’s neck and kissed him and broke down the wall. The children were welcomed in the garden once again which officially became their playgroubd. The Giant was no longer selfish.

Days had passed and the children came everyday to play in their garden but the little boy whom the Giant kept on the tree was never to be seen. He asked the children about him but the chidren replied that they didnt know him. The Giant loved him the most because he had kissed him. Years passed but the boy never came, the Giant grew old and was no longer able to play with the children so he sat on a huge armchair and admired the joyance of the children.

One day when the Giant was laying in his bed, he saw the most astonishing sight.

The little boy whom he loved was standing under a tree in his garden. He jumped out of his bed and ran towards him with happiness but his smile faded when he saw nail prints on his hands and his little feet.

He asked him about his injury in a very gruff voice and said that he would slay whoever dared to wound him. The boy stopped him by saying that these were the wounds of love. Since he let him play in his garden once he took the Giant to his garden which was Paradise. When the children came in the garden to play, they saw the Giant’s body lying under a tree covered with white blossoms.

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde – BUY NOW

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