USA: Flying across the seven seas and stepping on the land of the future.

Feb 16, 2020 by MUSKAN THUKRAL #Inspiration ,#Travel & Tourism

How does it feel flying across the seven ocean and stepping on the land of the future? I know how it feels! I had visited the USA on a school trip. I always wanted to experience the air and environment of a country which is completely different in terms of nature people and lifestyle.

Everyone was full of enthusiasm. We visited Washington DC, Orlando, New York and Boston. It was the most memorable journey of my life. I got the chance to witness beautiful places. Moreover, absolute foodie at heart other than the culture I relished the different cuisines there.

When I came back, I was transformed. Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote,” I walk slowly but I never walk backward” gave a new perspective of looking at my life.

I now want to make big and leave my mark on the world. After that journey, I become more inspired and hard working in life. I realized that to be able to live in the US, one must have a good demeanor and etiquette. Recalling the memories of my trip gives me immense joy.

I was lucky enough to explore the best hub of the world USA-the promised land. As destiny showered luck on me, I found myself abroad a ‘dream come true journey’.

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