Do We Matter? and We matter for people who love us and wish the best for us.

Jul 22, 2019 by Vasundhara Mukherjee #Science & Technology ,#Life & Goals

My younger school-going self would first come across the concept of matter in Science, when we were just starting off with this vast concept. To put it in brief, classical physics and general chemistry vouch for any substance having mass and taking up space by having volume as being matter.

But that is what science will have you believe and prove it to you for why should you just believe and not want evidence of a theory? In vein of this, matter can mean a table, or a computer.

But how to assign the importance of a substance? Do we say the greater the use of a substance, the more valuable it is and therefore, its existence means more to us? A computer will then have more value for its functions are multifarious. Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence is set to overtake human intelligence.

But a computer can be placed over a table. Will the significance of the table overtake a computer’s significance then?

Putting the spotlight on humans now, do we matter? Science says we are matter because we perfectly fit into definition of matter. It’s not so easy to pass this question in a hurried manner. Answers can’t always be tailored to best fit the dimensions of a definite structure. On a philosophical plane, matter is us, but we matter as we are not us in ourselves.

We, as human beings don’t have one single identity. We have associations, connections, and relationships with numerous people in our lives and we continue to forge relationships as long as we actively mingle with people during our lives. Given the stressful lives we lead, we suffer from feelings of loneliness. It is not uncommon to feel that our existence does not matter.

Hardships have a way of making us question and doubt ourselves. Do we base our value to moments where we feel low and seeped in sadness? If we do then we are mistaken. We underestimate our deep associations who might just think of us as being the best friend they have or the best son or daughter one could ask for.

We matter for people who love us and wish the best for us. We matter to this universe for we may be the tiniest cog in the whole but the whole is in fact, the sum of all its parts.

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