Chandrayaan 2 : A lunar Mission of India to be launched on 14 July 2019.

Jul 13, 2019 by Megha Joshi #Science & Technology ,#Earth & Environment

Chandrayaan 2 is Lunar satellite mission by Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) to be launched on 14 July 2019. The landing on the moon is predicted to get on Sep half-dozen. It’s the foremost complicated mission up to now and on its made landing on the satellite surface, India will be the primary country to succeed in there.

Structure of Chandrayaan 2:

Chandrayaan 2 is a complicated version of the previous Chandrayaan 1 mission with success launched ten years ago.
According to ISRO, it’s 3 modules equipment, Lander (Vikram) and Rover (Pragyan) and thirteen payloads and one passive experiment from American space agency NASA.

Objective Of Chandrayaan 2:

The primary objective of Chandrayaan-2 is to showcase the ability to soft-land on the moon’s surface and run a robotic rover on the surface.
The scientific analysis comprises of studies of lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, the lunar exosphere, and traces of hydroxyl and water ice.

What makes Chandrayaan 2 special?

A 1st space mission to conduct a soft landing on the Moon’s south polar region with home-grown technology.

1st Indian mission to explore the surface with domestic technology.

4th country ever to land on the lunar surface.

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