AI (Artificial Intelligence) – The new age revolution.

Jul 23, 2019 by Abhishek Singh #Science & Technology ,#Startup Stories

Artificial Intelligence, the term was coined by John McCarthy in 1956 defines it as “the science and engineering of developing intelligent machines”. However, the modern definition is modified to as “the study and design of intelligent agents” where an intelligent agent may be defined as a system that learns from its deployed environment and improvises the chances of success.

This revolutionary technology changes the face of current norms and terms followed in industries of various fields. From transportation to healthcare, AI seems to have been penetrated in the sectors with huge triumph.

The industrial revolution in the late 1700s created the new era of manufacturing with the introduction of machines. Machines which made the work of humans easier, faster and smoother. A new revolution is set to happen and is already rolling out in wide diversities. The AI revolution has speculated concerns regarding employment opportunities.

When it comes to organizing and manipulating data, solving complex problems and executing tasks AI and robotics has always topped the of preferred means. The fear of machines replacing humans in industries cannot be ignored for they provide cheaper alternatives to recurring jobs. But considering the increased complexity of workload, AI is a field requiring minds of the human race for enhancing the jobs for swift productions.

Not only it can support and enhance existing jobs but can create new roles. The need for professionals in developing machines will have its peak phase in generating employment.

The concept of artificial intelligence is quite fascinating as it sounds. Imparting intelligence to inanimate objects and using them for the betterment of humanity. Movies and Visuals have made their impact in our brains setting our hopes high of the futuristic tech.

Imaginations have grown wild and there is no way applying brakes to what we can extract from these smart machines. The ability to observe, record the environment and learn from it, thus adapting itself and making better decisions every passing second is the key feature imparted to AI activated products.

J.A.R.V.I.S from the movie Ironman briefly gives us an idea of how the future would look like with advanced machines having intelligence helping us in our day-to-day jobs. Right from briefing our day since morning it is all set to guide us throughout our day, maximizing our productivity.

Artificial Intelligence is ready to embark its journey to walk beside us. From personal assistants to speedy healthcare, the application of AI is seamless.   Dependencies on AI are increasing every single day. Professional courses are being laid out for the development of such smart technologies. And the day is not far, where we will see a new form of machine revolution.  Intelligent Machines surrounding us in every sector of our lives.

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