Aakrosh- A perfect way out for troubled times.

Jul 6, 2019 by Vibhor Sharma #Science & Technology ,#Mental Health

We all have different states of mind at different times. When we want to get something out of our head, we generally vent it out in the form of an opinion. Now, to get to the stage of forming our own opinion, we contemplate our findings beforehand. But in some cases, this process is so brisk that the response is immediate, and can be due to our preconceptions and earlier responses on any particular subject.

However, these cases set aside there is one more reaction in which a switch is triggered by the brain to level everything. And ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ no longer remains a choice but an opinion which upon subscribing to the ‘hypothesis of justice’ gains expression through ‘Aakrosh’ or rage. Nevertheless, this opinion can not be held for long as it is just a creation of a state of mind.

We carry a plethora of opinions about all kind of things, from material nature to shrouded-unembodied nature, and we agree and dissent proportionately on various matters. Also, we try to gain support for our opinions by sharing and providing evidence (to the people), as in a jury, to vindicate our ‘hypothesis of justice.’ This exercise of gaining support (due rationally and logically) encourages us to substantiate our claims which ultimately begs us to extend the pillars of our hypothesis a bit further on uncharted territories.

It is happening with Scientists who, these days direct most of our thoughts/ opinions with a ‘specialist perspective’ of intellectuals working in diverse fields of Science. They crunch numbers with reason and of course intellect, which they harbor very potently. Now, I do not repudiate the Scientific authority for what it has become and where it is going, as we endow it to the discoveries in Science, a simplified way of living or do we not?

But even the advocates of Science would find it hard to explain the existence to someone who has no idea of its basic principles or theories. And if you do not resonate with the ideals of Scientific inquiry, then you are mostly going to reject its hypothesis, in which case you must also see to it whether you have an ‘Aakarosh’ for Science as well.

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