What about Knowledge?

Jul 7, 2019 by Vibhor Sharma #Life & Goals ,#My Story & My Opinion

Tiding through the wave of thought exchange, which I purport happens to be in mind somewhere, one encounters ideas shoring off the boundaries of the knowledge database, which however keeps on expanding with every moment. These ideas are a blend of recent thoughts and comprehensive contemplation of past experiences by the analytical engine (brain that is).

But one can only contemplate by questioning the very material or idea behind a thought or experience (as both appear to originate from the same faculty of mind) which in other words calls for one to think!

To this end, articulating the need to think about any physical experience seems tautological, but this mindfulness can result in a more perplexing state of mind (confusion that is) than usual. So, what is the ultimate objective should be the final question? Is it to gain more knowledge or to gain insight or understanding of what constitutes knowledge?

In both these cases, the answer has to come from what has been experienced and what is being generated via experience, knowledge in this sense is what we are after, and the source of knowledge can only be known if we think about it and if we think we generate even more knowledge. So, every step in thinking about knowledge only takes us further from its source.

Then, what if we could just put a temporary halt to this process of thinking and navigate ourselves to the source of all knowledge.

However, for that, we have to stop thinking first! And contain our consciousness within ourselves, which is perfect though but evidently and empirically impossible to achieve. Nonetheless, one can practice and try to invigorate in oneself a sense of Yogic identity, to transcend the bounds of reality, and leap into a world in which ‘nothing’ is contained (finding the perfect expression for ‘zero’).

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