Hunger for power ! Surpassing basic human values?

Jan 21, 2020 by Gayathri P #Life & Goals ,#My Story & My Opinion


‘Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good’ *

The peripheral outlook of a basic human being brings us into the assumption that there is essential universal goodness hiding inside a person which actually drives the whole universal well being of the world.

But these optimistic notions of understanding are turning out to be allegoric as atlantis as we come into the realisation that the hunger for power predominantly acts as the force of spirit in human beings. This transcends the realm of well being , peace, and happiness to greed, hatred, envy and lust boiling and bubbling like a hot pot put into fire.

As we peep back into the human history we find terrifying attempts of genocide and murder all to acquire power increasing as the time progressed and reaching its zenith as we cross the end and the beginning of the 20th and the 21st centuries respectively.

Lynching on the basis of religion, identity, caste and class became a common phenomenon. Creation of hierarchy became the fundamental form of diversification and it also became a commonly accepted notion to cogitate homicide.

‘These hierarchies are all the product of human imagination’ **
The aggressive craving to dominate and control has its roots back in a common hypothesis of the primeval era where men had the urge to control the wild and the forest and where women had the urge to control the family which later became the fundamental excuse to stereotype men and women.

Hence this trait is visible whole throughout the process of evolution to the present biological human being.

Certainly we find it difficult to check for an ultimate solution but we can only suggest that when the urge for sustenance and survival surpass the urge to control and dominate only then the hunger for power could be subsided.

ie, when co-existence > co-dominance sustainability becomes the major result. This could only be the way to lead to a peaceful life rather than a competitive life.

* Nicolo Machiavelli
** Yuval Noah Harari

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