While girls are reaching the sky and getting social support, Boys are not!

Jul 25, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #Gender & Sexuality ,#My Story & My Opinion

While girls are reaching the sky and getting social support, boys are not getting the support and are lagging emotionally as well as academically. maybe girls reading this article will not like it but, YES that’s the harsh truth.

Do you hear cases of rapes and domestic violence facing man? Maybe yes! But rarely.

Have you ever wondered why? Maybe because social issues of girls are raised so much that every man is considered as a criminal and they don’t get beneficiaries. Everyone in this world is not the same whether a man or a woman.

If you get 20% of men criminals, then what about those 80%. If we are seeing girl’s problem as a social problem and we are giving full efforts to make those things good, then it’s our responsibility to give both the genders equal responses. Due to this the guys are lagging behind emotionally and academically.

I guess all of has watched the famous movie “Aitraaz”- based upon fake sexual harassment case on the guy. Similar to that, real life is becoming the same. Fake sexual harassment cases have become a weapon for girls who wants to get something from him.

And what we as society do? Blame that guy for doing this, mental torturing him. Sometimes it results into the death of that person by the court. We have made an assumption that “Yes! Boys are always wrong”. If a girl is saying that she was molested by a guy, we as a society will not take seconds to make that guy a criminal.

There is an estimation that one in three women will be physically abused by somebody while in intimate relationship. Men are not behind at one in four.

But when is the last time you ever heard a story about woman being arrested for hitting a man?

Think about it another way. Where the federal government spends over a billion dollars a year to support hundreds of domestic violence shelters for women these same shelters turn away men. I guess it is okay to hit somebody as long as they are men.

Men are physically strong doesn’t mean that they cannot be molested. They can be raped and they can go through domestic violence as well. We are so busy in other issues that we always miss this one.

It’s a great thing that women are leading everywhere whether it is education, job expectancy or life expectancy. And me. Myself as a girl feel so proud about it. But we always forget that a society mainly consider of two genders. On one hand we are trying to empower women and on the other hand guys are lagging behind in every aspect.

Feminism vs Boys crisis

Feminism is a major issue too. Feminists were made to empower women in a proper way and in a legal way. But what we see today is opposite right?

Ironically, a man is a criminal if he sees a girl going by his side mistakenly. This what is happening today. The way feminist movement was made was different and modern-day feminism is totally different from that.

The cases of violence against men are totally ignored by the media. They can cover a wrong and a fake violence case against a woman but cannot show what men are facing.

I think men and women should have a serious discussion about that and we as a society should take it as a issue. Everyone needs a same place in the society. But, that will not happen as long as men are left behind and feel society is just fine with that.

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