As women, the safety of men is also important. In modern times, even men are not safe.

Jan 30, 2020 by Dua Subzwari #Gender & Sexuality ,#Social Issues

We live in a country where women have always faced oppression and harassment. Since ages, they have been given a secondary place in the society. With time passing by, crimes related to women have inflated at a tremendous rate. They are raped, harassed and murdered; this is the kind of pattern that is being followed tremendously since last one decade.

There is no argument in the fact that women need complete protection but in modern times, even men are not safe. Every now and then we come across various news regarding the molestation and harassment of men. This is not anything new, such incidents have been recurring for a long time now.

POCSO Act was introduced for the same reason. It was reported that minors were subjected to sexual offences at an alarming rate, and this issue concerned the whole nation. As a result, the POCSO Act was passed to ensure the safety of minor children.

On July 8, 2019, it was reported that the rapist of a minor girl from Rajasthan was arrested on July 4. On investigation, it was revealed that the man had assaulted 35 children and raped 40 men and a transgender. He is believed to be a sexual predator.

People like him do exist, they do not care about the life and happiness of others. They are so much engrossed in the sexual lust that they fail to control the monster hidden inside them. Such cases keep coming in light but sadly, they just don’t seem to stop.

The wave of #MeToo influenced the whole world during the year 2016 and affected India in late 2018. Many celebrities came out with their sexual harassment moments. It is of no surprise that many of the victims were men as well. The most surprising story was that of the Mummy star, Brendon Fraser. He stated that he was harassed by one of the prominent directors, and on raising his voice against the accused, he was not invited for a prestigious award ceremony and was ignored by many celebrities.

Bollywood nawab, Saif Ali Khan also revealed his harassment story. He claimed that he was harassed 25 years ago and when he thinks about it, he still feels angry.

The above-mentioned stories were heard because the victims decided to let them out. There are many people who have scratches and bruises of harassment inscribed on their hearts. Sexual harassment is the worst form of its kind. It is of no surprise that rape victim can be a man, woman or even a child.

We need even more strict laws if we truly wish to eradicate this social evil. Rape is an adverse form of crime that impacts a victim’s body as well as the soul. If we wish to build a healthy and prosperous economy, we need to ensure the safety of our citizens.

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