Are girls too mean to each other?

Jul 20, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #Gender & Sexuality ,#My Story & My Opinion

Oh, how natural it seems when you talk about women getting mean to each other and yes, I’m a girl but typing this out. This is something more brutal than men getting mean to each other. We girls are jealous to each other, and YES that’s a bitter truth.

There are lot of people in the world, some are cueet, some may be fluffy, some may look like actresses and many more to go. Therefore, woman vs woman seems very natural. Many people laugh it off, like its natural. It feels like our DNA wants to compete. Starting from bullying each other’s to commenting.

So, let’s move on to our main concern – Why Woman vs Woman.

All the girls reading out this story can relate to what I’m writing. Girls are particularly intolerant of sexy peers. Like, you do not want your romantic partner to be friends with sexy peer, RIGHT? You don’t want that because you are jealous. “Aurat hi Aurat Ki dushman hoti Hai” we have heard this phrase many a times.

Which tells us how women can demean each other in the worst way possible. Guys usually say “gossip aunties” which directly refers that we are mean. Mean in the worst sense.

Why? Because she’s more beautiful than you or she has more achievements than you or she can put her opinions better than yourself. “Look she is hanging out with another guy; why? Because she is not hanging out with her boyfriend. You listen these words more from girls compared to guys and yes that’s undeniable truth.

Every country is putting efforts to empower women but how we get the same place in the world as men have till, we don’t bully each other. This fight between women makes us weak and we loose our respect RIGHT?

So how to stop this? I’m not talking about awareness camps or doing social things. The focus is to change oneself. If you see a girl prettier than you and has many achievements compared to you, don’t just flaunt yourself and start doing illogical things.

Maybe as squirrels do, she has collected more nuts compared to you. But you have nuts too and you cannot waste them. So instead of being mean you can take it as a positive point to bring a change in you and get a better version of yourself.

So, it’s time that we don’t make ourselves jealous by seeing other nuts. Everyone’s a squirrel and it depends on how much you collect.

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