Television is no more an entertainment medium for people.

Jul 9, 2019 by Sayantani #Entertainment

Television has been an entertainment medium for people for almost many decades, but it’s steady lack of relatable attractive and consuming content gives way to something called the web series which took the digital space by storm in a very short period of time. The growing popularity of web shows has pushed the envelope for many budding creators to explore this episodic form of entertainment and make something fresh and relatable.

Although it would be biased to say that television has lost all its glory, but it is true that it’s targeted audience is decreasing day by day. The contents on television have always try an attract audience ranging from youth to middle aged persons. It has always tried an imitate the extravaganzas, the loud and posh apartments occupied with bean bags, funky costumes and unnecessary dialect. The concern was more about how they live, what they wear, whom they meet and what they eat instead of how they feel.

And here where web shows took all the limelight as it shows the intricacies of human life, the complex thought process rather than the add-on’s of television and here it touches the right cord of humane heart.

The popularity of web shows is also largely because of the rampant use of internet and people’s growing interest in mono entertainment rather than the group ones. The never ending saas bahu sagas without having any logical interpretation caged our entertainment taste for many years as it ran unobtrusively in our dinning rooms. But with the advent of the web series people are more engrossed in less time consuming monolithic taste shows and the added profit is, it is not time bound; one can watch the show of choice at time of ones convenience.

The web shows can be called as a store house of new and creative ideas. The contents which are censored on television can be put forth on the web. Infact contents which are regarded as taboos like sex, homosexual relationships, menstruation, extramarital affairs have been brought under creativity through this medium. For example Y films SEX CHAT WITH PAPPU AND PAPA is a path breaking web show which opens up the conversation on love making, safe sex, pregnancy, homosexuality and so on. Moreover it is a space which runs no face value and it has paved way for many brilliant and strong actors to make big in this glamorous world.

The web shows like HALALA AND DELHI CRIMES talk about social issues regarding freedom and protection of women. One can bet that this kind of contents can never be produced on television largely because of censorship but web series gives a golden opportunity for creators to explore this without hesitation. Lastly, it will be likewise to say that if web series trend keeps on going like this then television will hardly be left with any audiences.

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