MARITAL RAPE and FORCED MARRIAGES are still in practise.

Dec 17, 2019 by BHAIRAVI #Culture & Society ,#Social Issues

we live in 21st century, where people, technology and many things are being developed and changed and yet there are many things which are still being practiced.

ARTICLE 21 of indian constitution says that ‘NO PERSON SHALL BE DEPRIVED OF HIS/HER LIFE OR PERSONAL LIBERTY EXCEPT ACCORDING TO PROCEDURE ESTABLISHED BY LAW’, but why are  people still thinking twice before taking stand for themselves? why are they still suffering? what are the things which are still holding them back?


when a 18 year old girl was forced to marry and being a child, feeble and delicate she endured not only because she was hushed and tight lipped but also because she was born and brought up in a society which has taught her that if you want to live a satisfactory life then you have to follow this ‘WHAT HAPPENS, HAPPENS FOR GOOD’.

But isn’t it  irony that it does not follow all the time because what good does she expect when she knows that half of her life ended at the time of her marraige? when she knows that people around her are only going to be commanding, governing and ascending over her life?

what kind of good does she expect when she understood that her own parents were not able to understand her and married her to someone without asking her wheather she was ready for  it or not? what sort of fortune does she expect when she felt that her betterhalf is going to force her physically without thinking of taking her consent over his ebullience? And the suffering does not end here it is ever far reaching and far seeing.

one night when she suffers from stomach aches and she is not ready for the night then instead of tranquillising her soul he (her husband) says ‘No problem, I will manage’.

I mean what is there to even manage when you know that the other person is hesitant and is in pain.

Can’t she has a right to put herself first even in the time when she is suffering, even in the time when RIGHT OF LIFE exists.? just because he is older then her does that means he has right of her body? and even the worst part is that MARITAL RAPE and FORCED MARRIAGE are still being followed and nobody is taking any stand for it because after all WHAT WILL SOCIETY SAY?

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