Freedom of Speech : Indian Society VS Creative Freedom.

Jan 16, 2020 by Rupali Vasandani #Culture & Society ,#Entertainment

The constitution of India claims freedom of speech and expression to each and every citizen of its country but is freedom of speech an expression really accepted in Indian society? This is a big question posed towards the Indian society, especially in case of creative freedom in the various sectors of Media.

Banning or censoring creative writing is a common practice in India to satisfy the religious and communal sentiments of the different sections of the people in the society. Such practices on the request or outrage of a few orthodox sections of the society is clamping down on creativity. (Because obviously it’s against indian ‘sanskar’)

Indian movies are one of  the greatest sufferers of such practices. Movies  like Padmaavat, Parched, Lipstick under my Burkha, Udta Punjab, NH-10, Dum laga ke Haisha, etc had to face a lot of difficulties for getting the movies screened, as the movies were not in good taste according to the certain  sections of society.

Many movies such as Fire, The pink mirror, India’s Daughter, Water, etc could not even get the chance to get screened as it won’t be accepted by the orthodox sections of the society and can lead to an outrage. (Because Bollywood and movies with stories does not go hand in hand)

Not only movies but many of the books have also been the target of religious or communal issues such as The Hindus, Understanding Islam through Hadis by Ram Swarup, Jinaah, Lajja, Hindu Heaven, etc.

Many of the articles or Newspaper also suffer the blacklash from the different sections of society as it may be in bad taste according to them or hurt  their religious sentiments which poses a major problem for them to bring the truth into light.

As the banned list keeps on Increasing in India, its high time to Introspect our Indian constitution. Are we really being provided Freedom of speech and expression claimed by our Constitution? It is hightime that we get over our age old values and cultures and accept the changes in our Society.

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