Children’s are going far away from studies and are only busy in the world of technologies.

Jul 25, 2019 by Janhvi Sahai #Culture & Society ,#Cause & Campaigns

In this modern era, Smartphones have become an important part of our life. They are considered as the soul of our body. Nowadays, each and every person is dependent upon Smartphones. From small children’s to teenagers, from teenagers to adults and from adults to old age people. Everyone’s life is revolving around this Smartphone only.

The use of Smartphone has changed our life. Many of our important works are done with this Smartphone. For example- Pay electricity bill while sitting at home, Book LPG, Pay Income tax, Pay children’s school fee, Order things online etc.

Thus, we won’t have to step out of our home for many things. But, If we want to go out, then too we can do online payment to the shopkeeper because nowadays, many shopkeeper’s have become advance and they accept online payment also.

We have a lot of facility and thus, the need of Smartphone is increasing day by day. Also, parents are now provided with online homework of their children. Its a blessing for humans and they are enjoying it.

Although, because of technology, people are provided with a lot of facilities but, in some terms, Smartphones are becoming a curse for all of us. Smartphones are present in the hand of all the children’s and the children’s are misusing it. Nowadays, lots of online games are present and children’s are giving their full times to these. Children’s are going far away from studies and are only busy in the world of technologies.

Due to these online games, many children’s have committed suicide as well. Then too, government isn’t putting a ban on these online games. Even, children’s are learning crimes while watching various kind of videos. Sometimes, due to headphones also, many accidents have taken place. People listen to songs or be on call while walking and no one knows when a train, a bus or some another vehicle comes and end their life.

Due to smartphones, many humans are loosing their eyesight. Children’s are wearing spectacles, prematurely. Due to smartphones only, nobody has time to go out and meet with their friends or relatives. They are just drunk with these smartphones only.

It is not that Smartphones are a curse for us, it is just we, who has to decide whether we want to make it our blessing or a curse. It is high time for all of us, and we have to think before it is too late. So, let us take an oath to let these Smartphones, be Smart only.

Rather than, making it a curse for all us. We have a lot of advantages from them and we should not misuse it. And, inspite of becoming Smartphones slave, we should make them our slave.

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