Beach Wedding: Tips to plan a beach wedding in budget.

Feb 22, 2020 by Ayushi singh #Culture & Society ,#Life & Goals

Deciding how many guests are attending: This the most important part of the wedding. There should be a limited guest only the close friends and family. No extra people for the wedding as it only cost a higher amount.

Go minimal with flowers: Heavy decoration required heavy price. With minimal decoration with the flower, it does not require a lot of money and yet beautiful decoration. And also the handmade decoration is most preferable.

Make your own invitation: As technology grows it saves the money of the people. It is a good idea to make your own invitation instead of going to an invitation shop for a heavy card.

Choose your location: Wisely choose the location for a beach wedding before the head. Many beaches are less expensive and beautiful. look for Discounts: Some beaches gives the heavy discount depends upon the guest list and for how many days you are hiring the beach.

Give affordable wedding favors: Don’t give the expensive gift which is of no use. Give a simple and inexpensive gift which can be used by the people. Minimal food: Food should be minimal and tasty. And should not be expensive and stylish. There should be a simple wine which is not expensive

Choose the family member for the musician: Musician can be expensive to try out to reach the family members or friends who can play the instruments. Wedding dress: Buy less expensive wedding dress instead of going for an expensive dress to buy the dress which suitable for the budget.

Wedding photographer: If you have a family member who is a photographer you can hire them for weeding. As this can save the money. Or hire the photographer for a limited time as they charge less amount.

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