Women are symbols of sacrifice, tolerance, mercy, love, contentment of satisfaction.

Feb 13, 2020 by Abhishek mishra #Women Empowerment ,#My Story & My Opinion

In today’s era, a word is being broadcasted with louds, which is ‘Women’s empowerment’.

If we look at the natural clutter in the name of women empowerment in the last few years, then we will know how we are putting our own each step to increase the power of destruction. Actually the fact is that if we look at the history of the past thousands of years, we will find that there was only the dominion of men.

Men class only led the world. And women were put behind. According to natural law, the male symbol is the force, the pride, while women are symbols of sacrifice, tolerance, mercy, love, contentment of satisfaction.

If the men look at the history of the state of the society, then it has invited millions of wars, sacrificed millions of people, such an explosive act was only the result of ego of just men.

Then why we want women to be like men? is it not enough for man’s destruction and destruction? And the most devastating event of today is declining that women are also trying to be like men in the virtual greed of equality.

If this happens, then gradually it will spread like a poison in the whole world.
The whole world will come in its grip and it will get water because then balance of kindness, love, satisfaction will depart from this earth.

So women will have to consider this fact. There is no need for you to be like men in retaliation. You are complete in yourself, Malesity is enough for destruction. Only women can bring peace on this earth, without changing herself.

Women need to take charge in her hand only, they need not change their nature.

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