Sharing Responsibilities Equally Between Men and Women will be Healthy.

Jul 3, 2019 by Swati juneja #Women Empowerment ,#Gender & Sexuality

Women’s empowerment is the process in which women focus on their interest, abilities what they can do as an individual and recreate what they want to accomplish in their own life as an individual.

Nowadays for the growth of nation and for the development of political, economic, social, health status contribution of both men and women is necessary. If people of society understand this that sharing responsibilities equally between men and women will give different and even nice shape to the nation, and trust me the world will actually be more beautiful.

Women’s empowerment is actually must needed nowadays it implies the ability in women to take their on decision, feel independent, take charge of their own life, giving them equal rights in all aspects. By doing so women can structure the whole economy in something productive and women have that power to make economy way much better.

Moreover their are numerous of benefits women get from this process few are as follows:

-They are able to take charge of their life.

-They become more confident

-They feel more liberated.

-They can focus on their interest.

-They can contribute in the growth of society and economy.

-They become financially stable.

-They become independent.

So I believe women are the most powerful in this world they have the ability to take right decisions and make world a better place than now so we should give them this strength and make them feel important for us.

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