Naira a 16 years old girl, touched the sky.

Jul 6, 2019 by Janhvi Sahai #Women Empowerment ,#My Story & My Opinion

Today, Naira was very happy because she has achieved her goal. She was so happy that she can even see a rainbow amidst of normal clouds. But, Naira has worked very hard and suffered a lot of difficulties to achieve this. Was her path so easy? No! Never! It might be easy for a boy to achieve it but it is very difficult for a girl to do the same.

Naira was a 16 years old girl who belonged to a middle class family. Her father had a general store, which was the source of their livelihood. Naira was 3rd amongst her brother’s and sister’s. She had 2 elder sister’s and 1 younger brother. Whenever, Naira leaves for her school, she used to see District Magistrate’s bungalow and sometimes she even see her sitting inside her car. Naira was very much inspired by DM’s personality and her dressing sense. A name plate was put outside the DM’s bungalow in which it was written, “District Magistrate Anjali Chakraborty”. Maybe she was from Bengal. Whenever DM’s eyes struck upon Naira, she used to become shy.

One day, Anjali Chakraborty was about to leave her home, she forgot something at home, for that she asked her drive to go and get it. While Anjali Chakraborty was sitting inside the car, in the meantime, Naira crossed her car. DM stop Naira and asked her about her school, her education, what she wants to do in future, etc. Naira answered everything and at last she said that she wants to become like her. Madam DM smiled. She pat on Naira’s cheeks and said that she will definitely become like her because we can achieve anything in our life just by doing hard work. She asked her to bring her parents to her home on Sunday. Naira was very happy.

On Sunday, Naira and her father reached Anjali Chakraborty’s bungalow. Naira’s father was still in doubt whether DM has called them or not. Suddenly, a sweet voice was heard which was coming from the lawn. It was Anjali Chakraborty. Naira and her father greeted her and they both sat on the ground. Madam Anjali forced them to sit on the chair and they both sat upon it with full fear.

Madam Anjali asked Naira’s father that what he wants his daughter to become? Her father replied that once Naira will do her Intermediate, he will get her married. Once madam DM listened this, she became shocked and said to Naira’s father that, Is he even worried about Naira’s future? How can he get her married, without even letting her study well? She told her that Naira has to touch the sky and right now only they want to cut her feathers? DM told Naira’s father to let her study and let her stand on her own feet.

After returning back home, Naira’s father gave her a tight slap on her cheeks and while shouting he said that, how dare her to share our family talks with anyone else? He even said, no girl in our family has studied after Intermediate and if she will try to fly then he will let her leave her school also. Naira became very scared and left from there. Whole night she was crying beside her mother. Her mother was also unable to do anything.

Few days later, Naira again had a face-to-face contact with Anjali Chakraborty. She called Naira and asked her that how is she? Naira started crying, she stopped her from crying and asked about everything. After telling everything, Naira asked Anjali Chakraborty that, Is this society made just to favor boys? Am i not allowed to see my dreams? Why do i have so many restrictions just because of being a girl? Why these restrictions aren’t for boys? Just because boys stay with them and girls have to leave their home once they get married? If a boy takes birth he is our own son, and when girls take birth from the same womb, they’re not their own daughter? Don’t we have ability to do anything? Are we just made to stay within the walls of a kitchen and home? Why this society won’t allow us to fly?

Naira was continuously saying and the tears were continuously flowing out of her eyes. Madam DM was shocked after listening to Naira. Immediately, she sent her watchman to Naira’s home and called Naira’s father. After seeing her father, Naira just turned her face away and was about to leave. But, Madam DM stopped her and told her to sit.

DM asked Naira’s father that why he raised his hands upon Naira? Why he wants her to stop her from studying? She warned him to not force her to take strict actions against him. She told him to not stop Naira from studying. She told him that from now on wards she will bear the cost of Naira’s studies. She warned him to not become a barrier in-between Naira’s goals. Naira’s father became very scared and promised DM Anjali that he will not stop Naira from studying.

He realised his mistake and found himself guilty. He said that, Boys and Girls are same and we should not do any discrimination. Then, with the help of DM Anjali, Naira kept on studying and one day she qualified in the Civil Services exam and became Administrative Officer. Her posting was made in Pithoragarh as a District Magistrate and she shifted to her own bungalow. Today, she was missing her DM Anjali a lot and she thanked her for everything within her heart. She decided that, once she will get a holiday, firstly she will go to meet her mentor, Anjali Chakraborty. Today, she has really touched the sky.

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