Because she’s a girl, she’s not supposed to do so.

Jul 14, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #Women Empowerment ,#Culture & Society

The grim reality in our society is that every middle class girl is born with barriers and that especially true when you are born in a traditional family where barriers are prevalent.

Society first creates the barriers between a boy and a girl. They bring unquestioned cultural beliefs, a girl will play with a doll and a girl cannot watch a wrestling match -WHY?? Because she’s a girl, she’s not supposed to do so.

Crop tops, exposed body, tight jeans, extrovert living does not rapes women rapist do, blaming women for the uncertain rapes is intolerable, many high intellectuals give the dagger of cruel rapes over the innocent women who were just trying to live the life with their own rules and not being a slave of this so called democracy where the victim is blamed for the act being done.

“What do you want to become when you grow up? Doctor” she said.
For a ten years old girl belonging to a traditional family where barriers come first, it’s not like an animated television show like Doc Mcstuffins- a Disney series where a girl wants to become a doctor like her mother.

In her life maybe the expose to carrier facilities are null.
I asked a teenage girl –“ what’s your aim in life?”
“I want to help people. I want to go out. I want to live the world as I want to.”
This girl belongs to a middle class family and has not seen the world. She does household works and stay in home.

Do you know most of the teen girls has lack of confidence. Why? The reason is SOCIETY. As you are going through your teenage you develop a mind-set that you are judged on the basis of your appearance and looks. Have you ever heard a girl saying-“ I cannot marry a muslim guy they will kill me”.

On a general note a boy can get married to anyone in this world and he won’t be objected, but if a girls tries to do so she is molested, given threat to be killed by their PARENTS and what not.

Usually when you are into corporate world you get to hear ‘women managers’ and not ‘men managers’. Barriers are well rooted everywhere. Not only in persona life but in professional life too.

I think whatever a girl do should bring a difference in future generations, no matter how long you have to fight. You will learn both positive and negative things in your life. But there will be people who will help you to shape your life and continue to do so.

1. People who take you for granted. (Just walk away, karma is always there)
2. People who judge you in a wrong way. ( Let them do that thing, that should not be of our business. That’s their time and their mind.)
3. People who believe you and still do. ( Don’t let them go out of your life)
4. People who stood by you in rough times and they are continuing. (help them when they are in need)
5. People who disrespect you. (free to take revenge. Feel sorry for them, move on)

Remember no one can judge you. You are born different. You live different. You have everything to do there’s no one to tell you what to do and what to not. You are your own leader. Lead yourself in a good manner and stand high in the world.



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