Water : a scarce resource, an eye catchy view.

Jan 10, 2020 by Anuba Varghese #Water & Sanitation ,#Earth & Environment

Water supposed to be a free gift of nature has become a scarce resource in the present day and age. Irregular monsoon, depletion of ground water, contaminated water are some of the many reasons why there is acute shortage of water in our country.

In-spite of being such a scarce resource water is being wasted on a large scale in places such as shopping malls. Shopping malls set up large water fountains to attract customers. This has become a regular feature at almost all the places.

People in villages are the ones who are hit very badly due to this water crisis. Poor people have hardly some means to get their three square meals a day. They would not have sufficient money like people in the cities to resort to water tankers when there is no water supply.

Hence water should not be wasted by setting up fountains just for the pleasure of some people while the whole nation is reeling under severe water  shortage and life is basically coming to a standstill.

Measures must be taken to conserve more water rather than wasting water so that our future generations will be able to live a normal life or else if things go on like this very soon life on planet earth will come to an abrupt end.

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