You wanna die? Come along.

Jul 6, 2019 by Shagun Mehra #My Story & My Opinion ,#Mental Health

All things must die,
for all things must die
the oceans, the wind, the clouds, the mother nature for that must die,
still, there will come a time when the winds will cease to blow, the waves will cease to flow, the heart somewhere will cease to beat, the clouds will find its way to the fleet.
over the time, the Earth will find its judgment day,
over the time, the Earth will see its rebirth or new birth who knows,
but till that time,
death is calling, while I speak to you,
the jaw is falling, the red cheek peeling
the strong limbs failing, ice in the warm blood mixing, the eyeballs fixings
for all things must die,
all things will die.

Life and death the two words which are often spoken together despite being the mere opposite of each other, “where there is life, there is death”. We, humans, have a lot of analogies when it comes to death, and thus allow me to present mine to you all.

now, I like to believe there is always a flip side to everything, “ you wanna die? Come along” also has two aspects which we can look upon. let’s start with the high note and see towards the positive side of this one

“You wanna die? Come along”, come along, let’s talk about, let’s figure out what’s wrong? Let me lead you my ear, let me help you….. How many times it happens that the person who decides to end their life just need one person to hear them out. And we, we fail to provide that. for example, Avicii who ended his life at the age of 21, could have achieved wonders in the music industry, but just because talking about depression is too cliche, we lot a shining star today. but on the other hand, we have 100’s of examples of successful people who once tried to commit suicide but eventually overcame all their emotional and personal hurdles, and you be surprised to hear some of the people in that list, Oprah, Princess Diana etc.

let’s see towards the miss-understood side of this title, there are a lot of things in this world which I don’t understand, and one of those being ‘cigarettes’, lets come back to this point later on.

I never saw my grandparents; they died long before I was born. And as a child I used to ask my parents about them and them, they used to tell me a story, a story in order to pamper me, a story in order to hide the harsh realities of this world. My mom had a wonderful methodology, she said my grandparents were sailors and on their vogue, they were charmed by beautiful mermaids and later on those mermaids ate them.

As I grew up i realized that when I was younger I was also sailing by small boat in a little pond, as the drops of education, relationships, life experiences, books, fiction and a hell lot of other things that little pond of mine became an ocean, and I, I became a mighty sailor.

we all are sailors in this vogue of life, heading towards our respective islands and during our vogue, we will have to overcome storms, have to cross across the icebergs and during that, we will face those beautiful mermaids, waiting to charm us, fantasize us.

And these mermaids are nothing but very wrong decision you ever took, every wrong person you befriend, every time you looked at the packet of cigarettes that warned you about the health troubles it can cause you, every time you picked a weapon instead of a book, every time you sailed towards your own death blindly. These mermaids are nothing but disguised with that toxic tonic you took anyway…

it’s hilarious how when the mermaid in its beautiful voice charms you and says, “you wanna die come along” and we blindly sail our boats behind her, happily sailing towards our own death.

So, next time you hear that mermaid, saying “you wanna die, come along” say no! And choose logic over fantasies, gold over glitter and continue to sail your boats while you are still alive.

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