War between Mind & Heart.

Jul 4, 2019 by Isha singh #My Story & My Opinion ,#Mental Health

It’s easy to fight with people but it’s not always easy to fight within self. The real fight of inner self.

A fight that I never wanted, never wanted to do. It’s very difficult to understand for me what I really want to do sometimes I thought that this is right but at the same moment my mind says that it is wrong.

This fight between mind and heart can do lot of damage to a person. I have seen this pain. I have gone through with this pain.

Every time I wanted to trust at the same moment I got betrayed and at that moment my mind says you were wrong but at the same moment my heart says no you were right.

This war becomes a daily routine within me. Sometimes I enjoyed it but at the same time I wondered when will I get exit.

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