The art of photography.

Dec 22, 2019 by Irina Mishra #My Story & My Opinion ,#Arts & Artists

A single picture can say thousand words.

Many a times, we do not require words forming sentences to get each and every feeling delivered to us. A single picture, a single portrait is enough to express thousands of feelings, emotions, thoughts, mental state. Some time ago I saw a picture which has 2 components in them. One being a monkey and another a sophisticated, literate human being.

But this was not all, the picture depicted a scenario where a tap was open and nobody was bothered to close it. But the monkey drank water from the tap and then closed it because he knows the importance of the resources made available by nature.

This whole story was framed in a photograph and is was delightful to know that a human can convert his thoughts and observations into a still and simple representation.

There are many kinds of photos. If you look from the outside without knowing the depth, you will only see few colors spread on a white canvas on a paper having nothing to do with your daily life, but if you observe it with a high level of concentration and human feelings, you would know that a single picture contain the emotions of fear, happiness, sadness, loneliness, depression, anxiety and what not.

Each and every emotion of human can be presented without writing a simple word.

The connection between a painter and a viewer is as intense and intimate as that of a mother and a child. Just as a mother can understand when her baby need to feed and when the baby wants to sleep, absorbing all the hidden meanings of the baby from its actions, in that similar way, a true viewer can instantly understand the seriousness of the painting, the emotions it wants to convey, the hidden meaning behind it and the understanding that lead to closeness amongst both of them.

This kind of relationship is hard to find, when there is no need to express each and every detail of your thinking to the other person. If both can understand each other, the life is made a better place to live in.

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