Suffering from lack of Laughter : Scroll MEMES.

Jul 28, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #My Story & My Opinion

Memes are nothing but a product of creativity. We sometimes assume them as a threat to communication but, what it does is- makes us feel good many a times, you laugh, and you enjoy the meme. Meme has become a source of awareness too.

Memes are changing the way about all our youths and now even adults too and everyone who surfs internet. Memes became famous mostly due to political memes and believe me! Those political memes will make you laugh in serious matters. In my opinion, memes help you laugh at anything. If you are feeling sad just find a meme and laugh at it.

Before memes evolved, we used to laugh by seeing funny videos. But memes make us laugh on seeing a picture. Memes are one of the constantly changing technology that we use every day.

Have you ever heard the quote “Laughter is the best medicine” well, its true! Presence of humor in a person’s life is important. Simply scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and twitter and any other social media site during a lunch break can edge of your stressful day. Teens are growing their interest in political and social issues.

Studying in school, reading books seems boring right? Despite reading books people use memes. And yes, that’s a best way to enhance your knowledge. Memes allow you to spark your knowledge by laughing out to the world. The best thing about them is they are quickly accessible, and you can communicate easily all around the world.

You will get a trend in meme as a social topic arises. You don’t have to go to a news website or watch news channels, memes are a way to it. Sometimes, memes show you the content that news industry doesn’t know of.

Let it be elections meme, world cup meme or any social issue meme. Who can forget that Sui Dhaaga movie memes and that “Piche Dekho” meme series or “sacred games” memes series? These are one of the epic meme series that will roll you on laughter.

And therefore, memes are a best way to communicate, it helps you to make your stressful day swipe away, it helps you to be aware and many more. Though it has disadvantages too but nothing is better than a laughter.

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