Say YES to life, and be ready to surprise yourself with great opportunities of happiness.

Jul 26, 2019 by Agrita Chhibber #My Story & My Opinion ,#Mental Health

Why do you worry so much? Why do you stress over petty things? Why do you spoil your health over unnecessary worries? You all must have encountered these types of questions at some point in your life. Either they were being asked to you or probably at some point, you asked these questions to your friend/ family member.

I know, I absolutely understand being a Homosapien, just like you, I can relate to your worries and reason to freak out. But folks if we open our brains parachute and get an overview of the thing called ‘LIFE’, do you still think living under constant worry is the solution to the ‘problems’, it’s an antonym of life, not the synonym.

Let’s deepen our understanding on it or I would say why to deepen let it flow, think about what you want from life and work towards it with faith. We are not staying on this blue planet forever, every day we are moving towards our destined end. Instead of actually thinking about how you can make more of time, that is decreasing, you have increased the level of worries. Old age is overtaking human body every single second, same way the blue planet is also getting old and weak day by day and moving towards its death.

History is evidence of whatever lives have to die.

“All human things are subject to decay, And when fate summons, monarchs must obey.”

Powerful rulers and their vast kingdoms have experienced death. “Fond are life’s lustful joys; Death proves them all but toys”

I am not saying that I am living a worry-proof life and it’s all path of roses. No, it is certainly not like that, but I surely do one thing every day I constantly observe life and its constantly changing patterns. When you look for the reason behind the certain thing you stop stressing and know everything is happening in your favor. Many times things seem absurd when they happen and the first reaction is why is it happening? I never asked for it. But all you need to do is keep your hand on the chest and repeat after me ALL IS WELL.

Here’s a little secret sometimes you are not ready to receive what you asked for. So a path is created to take you through a rollercoaster ride before you arrive at your final destination.

Say “Yes” to life, and be ready to surprise yourself with bumper opportunities of happiness.

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