Guys in my class never notice me as I don’t prefer to be stylish.

Jul 27, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #My Story & My Opinion ,#Beauty & Fashion

People are so concerned about their looks. And therefore, a question strikes into my mind- Do looks even matter? Will looks help you in getting a job in multinational company or does it help you in making friends, hanging out?

Looks are superficial. Physical appearance is so subjective and important in this era. And as a society, we judge people more on the physical attractiveness compared to what they are?

shame or guilt are not the words for looks. You don’t have to feel shame for your looks. Well its important to ask yourself-do looks matter? And if your inner soul answers you yes! Then its important to change your views.

On one hand “guys are usually being told that good and bold personality is the only thing that matters to a woman.” And on the other hand, we find skinny and over fat guys giving their time, money to attract girls but still fails. Not being in shape doesn’t mean that you will not date a girl. So, it’s totally unnecessary to make your life difficult.

But the harsh and bitter truth of our society is that good and smart looking people are given more superiority. We have faced this situation once in a life.

Divya describes “I am a student of class 10. I see girls around me, good hairstyle, good clothes, better standard of living, different shoes for different dress, accessories and many other things that can make them look more beautiful. Guys in my class never notice me as I don’t prefer to be stylish or adopt current trends. I feel so inferior. Girls wants to be friends with them but not me. Guys are roaming around them. Why this happens? I’m better at studies, sports and many other fields too. Do my looks describe me how I am? What my strengths are?”

And the story ends here. Good looking people are more advantaged than others. And yes, sometimes even I do feel to be more smart and good looking. So that I can see the world as their perspective and the society can make me superior.

So I again ask do looks even matter?

I think the answer is unequivocal yes!
Looks give you massive leverage in your life. But on the other hand, looks doesn’t define who you are. If you make looks your first priority you will have your good dating life. There is no excuse!!

People need to understand that physical attractiveness does not comes with just getting free drinks at bar. You need to see their attractiveness from their inner soul which defines that person. Obviously, unequal treatment based on appearance is totally wrong and we as a society need to change this.

It has become an unnecessary advantage to give superiority to good looking people. Starting from dating, marriages to hiring for anchors in media and in companies. There’s still a mindset that people need good looking daughter in law in their house.

Personally, I think looks doesn’t matter until your inner soul is pure.

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