Dreams: Work of Heart.

Jul 5, 2019 by amrita batra #My Story & My Opinion ,#Life & Goals

It is not a new story to be questioned about the most significant and intimate decisions about our lives which are also quite intimidating to respond to. Yet, people ask leaving no room of doubts. Youngsters are dug up with the questions upon their lives; everything and anything.

One is profoundly asked about the next chapter in one’s life after culminating school or college. One can come across such questionnaires at any given age, if I may say so. There are many circumstances in life where one could feel devalued, rejected or demeaned when all one is longing for love, appreciation, value and an applaud in life. Human beings worth is not measured by their ultimate accomplishment or victory rather the journey, failures, ebb and flow, miser-abilities, and the peculiar things they go through are what are worth gauge.

I had explored a lot of questions thrown at me regarding; “What are my next plans?” Do you think you are choosing the right path for you or you should give it a second thought?” and so on. The list could be stretched as long as you want. It is daunting at times. All of this, the entire process, growing up started to frighten me. Now I can say it has built me. Somehow it made me a firm, tough and decisive person.

I believe you can do this only when you stop listening to the whispers around you that only drown you and hear to that small voice compelling you towards your calling. Somewhere down the road, it will build you as well. I have planned my plans, somewhat not completely. I also have people around me who have not constructed any of it. It is okay to not have plans sometimes. It is one of the ways to experience the joys of life and let it take you to your destination.

I believe finding a niche is not necessary.  Work, sport, business, books, adventure, or any other ambition that drags you out of the bed early morning to jump on it wholeheartedly to make every ounce count is what matters. Adding value to life is by reaching out to others. When we value others and the offerings they make to our lives, we automatically begin to value ourselves.

I have come to understand about the things that matter in life, things like, joy, resilience, connection, gratitude, compassion, possibility. I know what every one of you will find along the way will be fantastic because what you’ll find will be yourself, strength and joy that will last for a lifetime. I have learned to uphold the strength in me to understand that my dreams are significant to me. I was not constructed in a way to convince others with my ideas, beliefs, and dreams. Don’t get me wrong. You live, and if you are open to the world you learn. Be kind and helpful to others but have the courage for your work of heart. You are the only person who can see your big picture and even you can’t see it all.

Make peace with your plans and the resources you hold. Only a few get the chance to figure them out. Don’t worry about the journey yet. I hope you’ll look back one day and remember your journey as days you would want to count on. There will be very few epiphanies happening to make you comprehend the importance of your dreams and to summon the courage to take action to bring it to the world. There are very few boundaries that can hold you back when you want something. Your determination is powerful, and your ability to break down barriers is amazing.

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