Youth, today has become intolerant towards criticism.

Jul 11, 2019 by Gouri Paroha #Inspiration ,#Campus Watch

Since time immemorial , criticism has been the part and parcel of our lives. Sometimes, it becomes a determinant of outcomes. Yes! Criticism whether constructive or destructive , it is an individual’s reaction which speaks a lot about his virtues, mottos, values.

Ideally, as the youth embarks on his journey, steps into adulthood, ventures into the world with high hopes and significantly enriched amount of hormones. The young soul wishes to fight for his right, stand up for himself, do the littlest he/she can to change the world.

Amidst it all, like hurdles in a race or milestones in a road trip, he/ she is accustomed with criticisms. It can lead to two paths thereafter, lead you to virtuous cycle of life or push you down. The choice is in our hands.

Must be wondering? Why is this a topic of discussion of today’s article?

Well, not to take much of your time, let me begin how the youth today has become intolerant towards criticism which is quite evident in videos on the splurging on the web of people pointing older aunties and uncle.

They have become adamant towards other’s opinion. Sometimes, it is okay to not give a reaction to criticism, it’s all I wish to say. You cannot react to everything that’s posed on to you. Don’t let anyone compel you to feel obligated. Smile, and let go! Maybe it’s not the time for you to correct anyone but yourself. Be tolerant.

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