You do not have control over your life, most of the times. You can never have.

Mar 10, 2020 by Naushi #Inspiration ,#Life & Goals

You do not have control over your life, most of the times. You can never have. You cannot escape the tragedies that are about to take place, you cannot avoid the failures, you cannot save yourself from the turbulence inside you.

But what you can control is your freedom to choose, and that can change your whole story. I believe that a person’s whole life is centered around hope. And it should. In the times of scarcity, when everything falls apart, it is the human hope that gives strength, that have the potential to change the course of life.

Human history has witnessed a lot of people who never lost hope & no matter how many times they fell, they stood, worked, and won. Winning would never have been possible had they lost hope.

I admire Viktor Frankl the most. An Austrian psychologist, founder of logotherapy & a survivor. The only reason he survived was his hope of seeing his wife again. He had seen too many melancholic deaths, sorrow, cruelty and hopelessness among people in Nazi network concentration camps.

Many said it was a miracle that he survived the concentration camps, only Frankl knew that it was his hope & finding meaning of life that let him survive the death & disappointments.

It was his choice to search meaning of life as he firmly believed that life has some meaning even in the brutal circumstances. We just have to find it. He lived long enough to inspire people, cure people & let them have  hope.

How can life be a curse when it is a blessing? I feel we just have different situations over lifetime capable of affecting us in every possible way but only when you let them to. You always have the choice how to respond. You always have the choice to be hopeful. You always have the choice to survive, not merely breathing but actually living. You always have the choice to dance in the rain, to gaze the stars, to read good books, to laugh, to love.

At times things do not end up the way, we wished to, but hope & hard work sail through storm and reach it’s destination.

I write at length about hope & meaning of life because I have witnessed too many hopeless people, quitting life because they didn’t get what they wanted, because they forgot they have freedom to choose, because they didn’t realize they still had choices, because they forgot they still had precious life.

It is not a motivational article, or an inspirational one. It is just a piece of reality people need to hold on. It is just a reminder that hope worked as a miracle, and universe still believes in miracles.

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