True beauty is reflected in one’s soul, being truthful, helpful and trustworthly.

Jan 10, 2020 by Tanuja Rawat #Beauty & Fashion ,#Inspiration

True Beauty is a unique mix of a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. True beauty is that radiant smile found when you’ve accomplished. It grows from kindness, your laughter and your ability to bring out joy from your heart. Its all about your principles and the way that you treat others. Beauty is not found on the outside .

Beauty like honour, courage, creativity and many of the other things we value most, is an abstract noun that’s very hard yo define. A trulty beautiful soul was kind and giving to his and her friends / family understanding and thoughtful and who does good things for charities of caurse it is not really that simple either thought, and even someone’s actions can not be categorised simply as ‘beautiful‘ or ‘ugly’.

What does true beauty mean?

‘True beauty is reflected in one’s soul, being truthful, helpful and trustworthly. Smiling at others even when you re having a bad day, complimenting someone and meaning it, spending time with family and friends, kindness and most important being the best person that you can be. ‘Its all about how you feel about yourself. knowing and eccepting who are you, despite what other think of you.

That confidence eventully come from many life experence and leaasons. figuring out what you  like, what you don’t like and owning it.

True beauty comes from the inside. Being compassionte having good character are virtuous traits and society needs to stop telling us diffently. Not only speaking of doing good things but having your actions match your words is beauty. Having a gentle and kind heart is beauty.

Real beauty does not come from make up and hair products. It come from your heart. So, be the great person who’s kind and fun to be around and that will shine on the outside! remember throught, even if others around you refuse to see your beauty, god can see what’s inside you, and he sees  just how gorgeous you are.


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