So the next time you see people ganging up on someone, don’t be a mute spectator.

Nov 22, 2019 by Uttama Hande #Inspiration ,#Culture & Society

There was once a girl named Daisy. As she grew older, everyone around her could see that she was special. What made her special? you may ask. She was always lost in a book and in the rare moments that she wasn’t, she would be lost in a magical world fabricated by her on the pages a notebook which she kept with her at all times.

She wanted to be a writer.  She wanted to touch the souls of her readers just as hers has been.

One day, his special note book of hers found it’s way into the hands of her classmates. They all laughed, pointed fingers at her and called her something which will forever be seared into her mind. ” Crazy” they called her. It was because she was from a different cast then most of her peers.

For them, it was a new joke, something to laugh at, but for her, it shook the very foundation of her existence.  Days went by but their laughter didn’t subdue. They found new things to tease her about just to keep the joke alive. She would lay awake in her bed, lost in the labyrinthine darkness of her insecurities, thinking that she’ll never be good enough.

A few days went by and this became a habit. Once she started, the thoughts of mediocrity came pouring in, uninvited. ” I’ll never amount to anything”, she thought ” I won’t ever be remembered for my work” “Maybe I should just quit it” And so she did. For a while, she was okay, happy even. But after sometime, it felt like a part of her was ripped apart and now she wasn’t whole anymore.

The joy she used to feel, being lost in her made-up world, spending time with made up people, was lost somewhere and it left behind a void behind that couldn’t be filled up. And hence, she now had a new reason to lay awake at night, it was because these thoughts simply can’t be turned off. Soon the effects were noticed.

Falling grades, lost of appetite, unkempt appearance, an aversion to socializing, bags under her eyes and an irritated disposition.

The parents, peers and mentors alike wrongly called her “attention seeker” when it was the last thing she wanted from anyone. Soon the thoughts became darker. Soon she began to wonder if she will be missed. When nothing good happened, this doubt too was cleared. In the end, she did touch her reader’s hearts. But all that the aspiring writer could write, was a note.

Bullying is a very common occurrence in schools and colleges and nearly anywhere there is a hint of diversity. The people that stick out and hammered on constantly to make them fit.  The human social hierarchy is fashioned in such a way that the there is simply no concept of ‘tolerance’.

Be it gender, sexual, ethnic, religious or aspiration, when faced with the member of a different group we promptly adopt the ‘Us v/s them’ mentality. And the consequence of this alienation is devastating. A huge loss of talent, just because they were a bit different and our mind couldn’t quite digest that.

So the next time you see  people ganging up on someone, don’t be a mute spectator, one word against the bullies can give be a potential life saver.

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